How to Follow Up on a Job Application: An Email Template

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Sending your resume into the job search ether—and hearing nothing—can be disheartening.

But, you don’t have to sit on pins and needles waiting for a response. If you’ve applied for a job and haven’t heard from the hiring manager in a week or two, go ahead and follow up. Here’s a professional follow-up email to send off to the company.



Following up on [position title] application



Hi [hiring manager name],

I hope all is well. I know how busy you probably are, but I recently applied to the [position title] position, and wanted to check in on your decision timeline. I am excited about the opportunity to join [company name] and help [bring in new clients / develop world-class content / anything else awesome you would be doing] with your team.

Please let me know if it would be helpful for me to provide any additional information as you move on to the next stage in the hiring process.

I look forward to hearing from you,

[Your name]


Pro Tips

  • If you send this note and haven’t heard back in another week, it’s OK to follow up again. Just follow Elliott Bell’s rules for being pleasantly persistent.


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