7 Reasons You Failed the Interview and Didn't Get the Job

Today, I want to talk to you about why you didn't get the job. I'm specific, I want to talk about 7 reasons why maybe you didn't get the job.

And I know you didn't get the job because, well, you're here watching me and I'm just not that entertaining and people don't watch my channel who already have a job. So, you're either interviewing for a job or maybe you had a job interview and it didn't work out. You're trying to figure out why; why didn't they hire me?

Well, that's what I want to talk about today because employers, they won't tell you why. And as a job seeker, you spend so much time just looking for jobs to apply to and then when you get the interview, you put a whole lot more energy into that interview and then maybe you spend three or four hours interviewing with a company, not to mention all the prep work that you did ahead of time. And then after this huge time investment on your part, they say, “No, we found someone else” or if you're lucky to even get that.

A lot of employers, if they don't hire you, they just ignore you. You'll have to bug the crap out of them just to get them to say, “Oh, yeah. We went with someone else”. So, they're kind of rude in that sense, and I don't like those kind of employers or interviewers. I don't think they're intentionally being rude, but they're kind of just ignorant of the fact that someone put a lot of time into something. They deserve a little bit more than silence. I mean, I think so anyway.

So, I want to help you come to terms with maybe what happened during the process. I mean, a lot of times, maybe you were right for the position, but we don't get every job. I mean, there's been a lot of jobs that I was right for (at least I thought it was right for them) and I felt in my heart I was right for them, but I didn't get them. So, you're not going to get every job, even though you feel that you're right for it. But the number 1 reason, the first of the 7 reasons that you didn't get the job, is they found someone else. I mean, you were qualified, but someone else was a little bit more qualified.

And that could be anything; that could mean that they had a little better education, that could mean that they had more experience, or maybe you had more experience and they had less, but maybe their experience was a little bit more narrowly focused on what the company was looking for. So, they went with the person who maybe only had 5 years versus the person 10 years, but that 5 years was more focused on the specific competency that the employer was looking for.

Simple as that. That's the number one reason. If you ask me, I found that that's why employers choose one candidate over another. It's because that experience that they have is a closer match for what they're looking for. Just simple as that. I mean, you'll never really know why, because well, they won't tell you. In a lot of cases, their own company policies prevent them from talking to job seekers to telling them why. And it just has to do with legal issues, and liability, and stuff like that. So, that's why employers are kind of {indistinct 03:33} on why they didn't pick you.

So, don't feel bad. Don't feel bad if they didn't pick you. At least you learned something from the process. You sharpened your skills, you got better, you learned how to be better. All right?