3 Brilliant Tips to Succeed in a Job Interview

First thing, when you go into an interview, is you want to quantify your results when you're talking about your accomplishments.

So, let me tell you what I mean by that. So, when you quantify your results, you're saying exactly what you'll do when they give you the job and you're clearly separating yourself from your competition and you're connecting with prospective employers and telling them exactly what they want to hear and that's really the key.

When most people go into an interview, they don't quantify their results, they just talk about that they're really good, "I'm really good at sales, I'm really good at managing projects, I'm really good at analyzing reports" but they don't tell an employer how they've done it. And that's really the key; when you can tell someone how you've done something before and measure it.

So, for example, if you're in sales, you don't want to just say, "I'm really good at selling software, I'm really good at selling things". You want to tell them what you're good at doing, you want to tell them how much you've sold, how you've met quota, how you've received certain kinds of awards.

Just walk them through your sales track record and show them that you're a proven sales person.

Another example would be if you're a project manager.

Don't just say, "I know how to manage projects". You want to walk them through.

Talk about the tools that you've used to manage projects, talk about the budgets that you've sat on projects, talk about how you reach certain milestones, walk them through the entire process.

Tell them that you have developed projects, you've built projects, you've designed them on time, under budget and put dollar figures to those; that's the quantifying part.

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